PRESS RELEASE: Citadel Offers Transportation Industry Protection for Drivers and Cargo

Posted by: Jim Rennie
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Citadel Fleet Safety to offer driver mobile emergency response systems to largest fleet owners.

Citadel Fleet Safety, a company that provides mobile driver emergency response systems to the transportation and trucking fleet industry. Citadel was formed to provide technology to fleet transporters that helps lower risk to drivers and cargo during emergency situations. Rear Admiral Robert O. Wray, Jr. (ret.), an experienced business leader and a licensed professional engineer, will serve as President and CEO.

Safety is a vital consideration for every trucking fleet company. Drivers are becoming more at risk, especially at the frequency at which they transport high-value loads. Additionally, the safety of drivers is impacted by extended periods of time alone on the road; a medical emergency or threatening accident could occur at any time.

Rear Admiral Robert Wray, CEO of Citadel
Rear Admiral Robert Wray, CEO of Citadel

The Citadel mission is simple: provide trucking fleets unique and discrete technology that enables their drivers to immediately get help, on the way, in the event of an emergency or dangerous situation. The technology is mobile and can remain with the driver wherever their routes take them.

“We believe that Citadel Fleet Safety’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry’s approach to providing personal safety to its drivers,” said Citadel President and CEO Rear Admiral Robert O. Wray, Jr. (ret.). “Trucking fleets cannot always plan for the next driver emergency. Our world is changing rapidly: Citadel’s underlying goal is to provide drivers with first-in-class emergency response systems to ensure their safety while on the road and away from their families and loved ones.”

Citadel’s technology features two-way voice communication, 24/7 emergency monitoring, and nationwide cellular coverage. The device is simple, portable and sleek, with no installation required; it functions anywhere a driver goes, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Citadel is veteran-owned-and-operated, with 14 generals and admirals on its advisory board.

“I am very excited to be working with Admiral Wray and the Citadel team,” said James F. Rennie, Citadel’s Director of Fleet Sales. “The technology that Citadel offers to trucking fleets will unmistakably transform how the industry approaches safety and security for its drivers. I am proud to be working alongside a top-notch team of experienced professionals and safety experts.”