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Driver Safety Doesn’t Mean Anything Unless You Achieve It!

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When Jim Rennie took on the role of chairman and CEO of Citadel Fleet Safety in 2018, the Company has built a Transportation Safety firm that has the experience, insight, services, tools, technology, and know-how that can be put to work for you.

This approach has yielded not just talk, but measurable results. Citadel Fleet Safety has steadily been growing with new, innovative mobile safety products that have made transportation drivers’ jobs a much safer experience.

Out On the Job sat down with Mr. Rennie to measure just how far the company has come, and just how far the company plans to go.

Out On the Job: Citadel Fleet Safety has been a leader in the Transportation safety industry for over five years. What is the key to keeping the Company on a steady path?

Jim Rennie: Our core values are crucial to maintaining our direction in the transportation safety industry and our community. They’re simple: be honest, be fair, keep our commitments. Being honest is about being truthful and transparent with our customers, suppliers, co-workers, and community. With fairness, we’re trying to make money, but our priority is to find wins for customers. Commitment is about delivering on our promises to all our stakeholders—it’s the difference between “I think I can” and “I will.” This leads us to deliver on our proven driver safety results.

OOTJ. Why Did you start Citadel Fleet Safety?

JR: Over five years ago, we built a forward-thinking safety firm.  Our team recognized that too many transportation delivery companies’ drivers were concerned by personal safety challenges on the job. The status quo was that drivers were equipped with under-developed, constrained, outdated personal safety technology. Why did we start Citadel Fleet Safety? Because we want drivers to have personal safety satisfaction. One that reaches, surpasses and achieves its potential.

OOTJ: What’s your take on the current market for transportation driver safety needs?

JR: The whole company is built on driver safety innovation tools.

There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for us. The number one challenge that continues in the industry, and it’s happening very quickly, is the driver’s personal safety out on their routes. With nighttime deliveries, working solo, key drops to their customer’s doors the drivers are targets for the ill-intentioned. The world has changed and changed quickly.  Not to mention medical worries and mechanical breakdowns. Daily, we focus on technological innovation towards mobile technology tools that support the driver’s personal safety. The next 1-, 3-, and 5-year landscape project even more challenging times ahead for the driver’s personal safety. Our Citadel “Escort” offering will continue to be the gold standard in solving driver challenges.

OOTJ: What would you like people to know about Citadel Fleet Safety?

JR: There are three things our customers and potential customers should know. One is that we’re very well-grounded. We’re 5 years strong, and that strength gives us really a good foundation to build on. We’re going to continue to use this strong foundation to develop, grow and win customers. We are in a great place with focus areas such as training. processes, reporting, and development; it’s a perpetual innovation lane for us, and an unshakable approach to always take care of the customer’s needs. 

Our results are no secret. Just a lot of hard work. “It’s really rewarding to see this company growing and improving”