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Driver Safety Doesn’t Mean Anything Unless You Achieve it

Over four years ago we built a new kind of safety firm. Our team had a vision that too many transportation delivery companies drivers were concerned by personal safety challenges on the job. Drivers were equipped with under-developed, constrained, outdated personal safety technology. Why did we start Citadel Fleet Safety? Because we want your drivers to have personal safety satisfaction. One that reaches, surpasses and achieves its potential.

Top Notch Consistent Client service is an
Expectation, Not an Option

Citadel Fleet Safety exists for one purpose: to use innovative mobile design technology and monitoring to save lives and keep your drivers safe. Every day, bad things happen, and Citadel will help you get through those bad things. We save lives, and it gives meaning to our work. We think that you will share our commitment to the safety and welfare of your drivers. We believe our potential partnership would provide you with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety. Every day, drivers run into problems. Immediate access to qualified assistance can save lives and property.
  • Proven equipment. With thousands of units in the field, working every day, the Citadel Escort is a proven commodity.
  • Proven monitoring. 30 years of experience in three locations.
  • Portal for management. We know your dispatch team is monitoring, but this portal will give you another way to keep a watchful eye on your people, your vehicles, and your property.
  • Value-added, no-hassle partnership. Citadel’s experienced team is dedicated to working with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure this partnership gets an A+ grade. You’ll have our cell phone numbers and can reach us day or night, 24/7.
  • Credible company. Citadel has a blue-chip advisory board, an experienced board of directors, and a blue-chip group of sophisticated shareholders.
  • Trustworthy management team. We believe that in business, it’s all about those with whom you choose to do business. The Citadel team will meet your standards in that regard.


The Citadel management team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs, management executives
and U.S. military veterans.

James F. Rennie
Founder & CEO
Sales and product innovator with over 30 years of breakaway results. A highly motivated, energetic leader with the ability to deliver superior results. Successful executive with proven track record in building trust, delivering exceptional results, and accelerating success. Excellent speaking and presentation skills. Strength in observing the sales condition, outlining the sales strategy, defining the sales model and detailing key accountabilities. Consultative sales approach with six key drivers: determination, awareness, knowing, optimism, trustworthiness and accountability. Proven track record of acquiring and growing strategic partnerships with leading Fortune 500 companies.
Robert O. Wray, Jr., Rear Admiral, US Navy (ret)
Chief Strategic Officer
A Mechanical Engineer from the Naval Academy, Admiral Wray spent seven years of active duty as a nuclear engineer on surface ships, carriers, and submarines. Transferring to the reserves, he enjoyed a varied 20-year career in business, in manufacturing, hospitality, technology, consulting, and construction. After mobilization to Baghdad, he was promoted to Admiral, and placed back on active duty for the past six years. He recently retired as a two star. He has a Masters from Georgetown University, is a licensed professional engineer, holds a patent, has written two books, and is a frequent professional speaker on leadership and management. He has 14 present or former service members in his family.
Preston Weir
Chief Technology Officer
A 2012 graduate of Boston University, Preston has a broad base of expertise in a variety of technologies, including telephony, computer networks, software programming, as well as data protocols associated with medical alert devices. He supervises the evaluation and integration of products and the integration of the numerous back-office software systems required for sales, fulfillment, inventory, and customer service management.
Colin Brown
Colin Brown
Platform Integration Specialist
Colin Brown is a pivotal member of the Citadel Fleet Safety team, focusing on backend resources and the seamless onboarding of new clients. His efforts are central to advancing the company's mission of bringing safety to trucking companies across the United States and Canada. At Citadel Fleet Safety, a firm that holds the safety of daily workers in high regard, Colin's role is critical in ensuring that robust safety measures are just a push of a button away. His expertise in integrating sophisticated platform services into client operations has not only made him an invaluable asset to Citadel but also a trusted ally in the trucking industry's quest for safety and efficiency.

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